Sunday, March 22, 2009

An afternoon surprise

I had an amazing time at WPPI last month and met so many people. I was also lucky enough to be roommates with Scarlett Lillian, Jackie Blair, and Heather Thorne. All three of them are not only amazing photographers but amazing women and friends. A few days ago, I received a little unexpected surprise in the afternoon envelope addressed from Jackie. Inside was a card with a handwritten note from her and on the outside of the card was a little wrapped treasure, a pair of hot and trendy feather earrings. They actually had my favorite colors in them too, pink and blue. Most of us send email these days but it is so nice to get such a personalized gesture of thoughtfulness. This really does matter and it meant a lot. It made my day, actually it made my week!

About an hour later, a FedEx package was dropped off at my door. Inside the package was a book I forgot I ordered. One day I was browsing over at Barnes & Noble and came across the inspirational section and found an interesting book. It was written by none other than Miss Piggy and appropriately titled The Diva Code. When I was a kid a few years ago....ok, many years ago, I wouldn't miss The Muppet Show. I thought Miss Piggy was always such a glamorous fashionista who really, really loved Kermie. So when I saw this book listed, I ordered it. I quickly opened the package to find a small book with Miss Piggy on the cover (of course) looking fab and as young and fashionable as ever. I flipped through and read where the pages landed and found some of the most thought provoking tidbits and quotes. Some were really funny too! Since that day, I read it from cover to cover and proudly placed it on my bookshelf among the hundreds of other books to read again when I feel the need for a laugh or some inspiration. Below are a few of my favorite lines from the book.

I love that Piggy thinks a personal committment to excellence makes a diva. I agree.

This one speaks for itself!

This is the last entry in the book and I think it is just perfect.

Kissy Kissy.

Miss Piggy, er Ginger


pink coffee photoart said...

Love those earrings, and I really need to check out that book-it looks hilarious!!!

Ginger Dupre said...

They reminded me of your great funky style Lyndsay! That book is SO hilarious. Let me know if you do decide to check it out. It is a super easy read.

Anonymous said...

Those earrings are so cute. I loved Miss P when I was a kid too. I will have to check the book out. Thanks for sharing. The images are beautiful and go great with the story.

Alice said...

love the earrings - the colors are great and they look so fun to wear!

i grew up with Miss Piggy, actually i was already in college when i started watching, but that's almost like growing up with her. i've seen this book but never picked it up to read. excellent! i may have to read it myself now - lol!

Jackie said...

Aww! I'm so glad those made your day! I sent all the roomies a pair that I thought matched their brand & personalities. :) yours kind of match your blog!

Ginger Dupre said...

Alice-It is a great read and definitely a great read for a good laugh!

Jackie-You did a good job with mine! Those colors matched my office almost perfectly. Thanks again!

Heather Thorne said...

aww - love this post girl. YOU are an amazing woman and photog! :)
I wore my earrings tonight! I miss my roomies!!! We need a reunion and pronto!!

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