Monday, March 23, 2009

Something sweet coming your way

Rewind to 1980....When I was a little girl, my Meemaw and I would walk to the bakery down the street in Asheville. This was a huge treat for me. I can remember the anticipation as we walked. I knew what was in store at the end of the journey. We walked and talked. I miss those days. When we got to the bakery, the smell was overwhelming. In a good way. In a real good way. The cakes, the pies, the cupcakes, the pastries, the breads, all perfumed the shop. It is a smell I will never forget. Then she would say those magical words to me...."which one do you want"? Picking a single treat to try was near impossible but I always managed. On the walk back home, I would carefully lick the frosting until there was just enough left to eat the cake with and just like that, it was gone. That bakery is long gone and so is my Meemaw but those memories will stay with me forever.

Fast forward to last week....Jacksonville doesn't have much in the way of bakeries. Well, I guess there is Publix but does that really count? I did discover the delightful Edgewood Bakery when I first moved to Jacksonville but it is so far away from me now. I heard celebrities talk and brag about Sprinkles out in Cali and secretly felt a bit envious of their little slice of heaven. Then I saw it. An ad for Cami Cakes in Jacksonville. Now, Cami Cakes isn't a bakery but they do make cupcakes. Lots of delicious cupcakes. I had an errand to run and decided that I had to stop and try one. When I walked in, the smell was delicious, however still not quite the same as I remebered. There were 12 flavors the day I stopped by and there was no way I was picking 1, so I did what any rational person would do. I bought 1 each of all 12. It nearly killed me to get home and try them. Each flavor was a new and different experience and ohmygoodness yummy. I ended up with an empty box over the course of an hour and a serious tummy ache. Was it worth it? Um. YES. Oh, and my favorite? The Elvis (classic chocolate cake covered with creamy banana and peanut butter frosting topped with a hint of sea salt)! Sorry, I didn't get an image of it. I ate it too fast.

This little gem is the toasted coconut. My son Sean picked this one to try and he loved it!

All dressed in pink, this is the Classic Cami and it is simple and delicious.

If you ran out to Cami Cakes for a cupcake (or twelve) after reading this, let me know!


Stephanie Lynn Photography said...

Oh, I did a photo shoot there a few months ago. Very nice little shop. Great spot for my cute little model. And the cupcakes, dont even get me started. Paul had two before we even left the store.

Anonymous said...

Ginger, I want to lick my screen! Haha.. those are the cutest little cupcakes! YUMMMMMM!!!

Ginger Dupre said...

LOL Adrienne! It is a cute shop Steph. I am hooked!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading the story that went along with this post. As for the pictures of the food, wow! They are so beautiful and sharp. Thats all for now, I am off to eat!

Alice said...

oh my goodness, you're so funny! this sounds like something i would do, including taking the photo of my food :O). my daughter thinks i'm crazy but now i have proof i'm not alone in my food-photo'ing skills - lol!

Ginger Dupre said...

Alice-Oh I am ALL about things to eat and especially sweet things to eat! These little cupcakes are so pretty that I couldnt resist snapping a few shots. Thanks for the comment!

Lenara Funk said...

girl....that looks so good!! I haven't been to the store yet.. but I heard it is delicious... I guess I just found something to do this weekend... :-)

Beth Morgan said...

Ahhhhh...Sprinkles are my FAVE!!! There was one in Dallas. I'm going next weekend and I can not wait! These look yummy. Cupcakes are one of my vices. I LOVE them!

Ginger Dupre said...

Lenara-You definitely should go if you are near one of their shops (they have one in the OP mall and one next to Tinseltown). They are so worth it. Out of all the flavors I tried, I liked their chocolate cake best and their chocolate icing best. They are so good!

Beth-Hey girl!! Thanks for stopping by. Oh I cant believe you are going to get Sprinkles! I tried the Sprinkles "kit" from Williams Sonoma and they were good but not like I expected. It just made me want to try ones they actually bake even more! Anything sweet is my vice but I definitely have an extra love for cupcakes. They are just so pretty! Have fun and be safe on your trip!

pink coffee photoart said...

ginger, i love cami cakes!! this post made me want one BAD. your pics are absolutely gorgeous. you should do food phototgraphy-hahaha!

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