Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's a Girl Thing

One of the things I really love about being a photographer is all the other wonderful photographers I get to meet. Last year, my good friend and fellow photographer Scarlett Lillian had a great idea and announced a contest to celebrate the launch of a workshop she was offering to other photographers. There were so many fun entries but there was something extra special about the winning entry that Lyndsay of Pink Coffee Photo Art sent in. I just couldn't get over her style. I mean, she wore a pink crinoline and animal print boots for her entry. Does it get any better than that?! So over the past few months we have shot together at PUG, had a blast at WPPI in Vegas and chatted on Twitter and Facebook about all sorts of things. I was also a part of the night shoot in Vegas that Lyndsay and her husband Anderson modeled for. It was all smiles and excitement when Lyndsay sent me an email that she was putting together a photographer/girls day out this past weekend. I woke up pretty sick but I wasn't going to let it ruin my day. I put on a sunny yellow top, hoping it would somehow help me feel better, and headed off to Jacksonville. After walking around downtown completely lost for what felt like two hours, I found Lyndsay, Adrienne, Jess, Tara and Stephanie. It was a perfect day for shooting.

Tara of NFC Photography has such a fun style. I wanted to shoot her all day! She was amazing in front of the camera. Oh and hello, amazing tattoos on this girl! So of course I couldn't resist a shot of at least one of them.

Adrienne of Lovebyrds Photography has a magnetic personality. She is so sweet and warm. I could chat with her for hours! Like Tara, she was gorgeous in front of the camera too.

Stephanie of Stephanie Lynn Photography is fun and up for just about anything. She always makes time to talk to everyone so you never feel left out when she is around. She rocked her shots and looked fabulous. She is a pretty great girl and totally fun to chat with.

Jess of Jess Cumbie Photography also entered the contest and her entry was pretty amazing too! Jess is so easy to talk to and had no problem sharing her business knowledge. Yep, she pretty much rocked.

The only shot of Jess I managed to capture

It is pretty amazing that we are all photographers but we each have a unique style behind the camera. See for yourself what Lyndsay, Tara, Stephanie, Jess and Adrienne posted on their own sites. These girls are all so talented and I had a blast shooting with them!

I loved each and every shot in black and white too and had a real hard time deciding to post color or black and white shots here. You can check out all the shots tomorrow on Facebook. For now, I am beyond ready to get some sleep!


Tara said...

Wow girl, your shots are amazing too! Thanks for makin me look HOT, I love these! I had such a fun time, let's hope next time you're feeling better! :)

pink coffee photoart said...

ginger, these are so fun! i love the one of adrienne's face behind the fence. i think my favorite is the b/w of tara where she's on the right side-GORGEOUS! thank you for your sweet words. :)

Jess Cumbie said...

I'm starting to feel like some mystery woman! LOL

Stephanie Lynn Photography said...

These look awesome Ginger. I love the B&W of Tara and the one of Adrienne through the fence. Two angels I didn't get that day. You got some great ones even though you were sick!

Lenara Funk said...

Ginger, You girls are all gorgeous! Your pictures are so awsome!! I love each one of them.
Great job!

Anonymous said...

Ginger, you are so sweet! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these shots! All of them are so beautiful and really accentuate everyone's best features! Gorgeous images!!!

Alice said...

ginger - love the shots! they are all beautiful - such lovely models you had to work with, too :O). i looked at Tara's photos and recognize the part of town you were in. did you guys at least take a gun with you down there - lol? and - you got lost? wow! - just partially kidding (not about the gun part, i'm a retired cop) - looks like you had a really fun time and that's what's important. would you mind telling me what editing program you use? i am so new at this and i can never get my people shots to look like yours or Lyndsay's. the faces in yours are so crisp! thanks :O)

Monika W. said...

I haven't been online for a few days and I come back to this.I felt like a little girl in a candy shop with all the delicious shots.There isnt even a half bad shot here my friend.There are a few especialy that I could definitly see on a magazine cover.You nailed it and you just keep getting better and better.

Anonymous said...

Totally HOT!

Scarlett Lillian said...

Great shots of the girls Ginger!!

Ginger Dupre said...

Tara-Thanks! You made my job super easy and I cant wait for next time!

Lyndsay-You are awesome girl! Loved hanging with you and the other girls.

Jess-You are the focus next time! JK :-)

Stephanie-Thanks! Wish I would have gotten more of you. Looks like I missed out being late on a bunch of great backgrounds and shots.

Lenara-Thank you so much! I loved photographing all of them! They are all great. Maybe you can join us??

Adrienne-I am SO flattered that you liked the images. I really had a great time with ya'll!

Alice-Thanks for your comments! I didnt take a gun and I did wander around down there for almost an hour by myself looking for them! I even stopped at the bus station at one point to ask for directions! Believe it or not, not a single person even spoke to me that I didnt approach first! I guess it is changing down there :-) I had an amazing time with these girls. They are great! I am new to this too and have only been doing it for not quite a year. So I understand! We use Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 2 for now. My husband has created his own actions in Photoshop and he is constantly trying to make new ones so he is the PS expert!

Monika-Aww! You are so sweet! I am so glad you are enjoying my images. Thank you so much for leaving a comment. How are things progressing for you with your photography??

Anon-Wish I knew who you are so I could properly thank you ;-) I will thank you anyway though! They are all so hot!

Scarlett-Thank you so much for the comment! Cant wait to see you back in action :-)

Heather Thorne said...

beautiful girls, beautiful shots! miss you girl!

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