Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sweet Favors

It is fun to see what favor the bride will choose to thank her guests with. Being in the wedding industry, it is easy to feel like you've seen every favor imaginable. I love stumbling upon unique or fresh new ideas when it comes to anything wedding related. Being that I love weddings, new ideas and sweets, this one was quick to please. The really great part is that these favors aren't just for weddings! You can give them as gifts, birth announcements or as favors at other types of events like a baby shower. I'm usually a red velvet kinda gal and Jon prefers chocolate brownies but at the moment the mix that has my attention is the champagne cupcake mix {first mouthwatering image below}. Check out this great Gourmet Gift Company and let the inspiration begin!

P.S. They are pretty affordable too at just $5.00 each {minimum of 24}!


Anonymous said...

I could see these for the baby shower I am in charge of. Thanks :)

Tawnya Zebrowski said...

Thanks so much for the great post. I will add you to my sweet talk page on my website. Please visit my blog at I would love for you to follow, I am adding you to my blog roll now and would love to be added to yours. Thanks again!

clipping path said...

Looks so tasty!! Thanks for sharing.

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