Monday, April 20, 2009

A few of my favorite things....

Here are a few things this week I have stumbled on that I am loving. Being a romantic, I can't get enough of sending an old fashioned telegram. The folks over at TelegramStop will send your personalized message for less than $5. You can send them for any occasion your heart desires.

A few months ago, I was told by a friend about the new line from Cole Haan that features....Nike Air Technology! Ok, so this is one of those things you hear about but just cant believe right. All these years of wearing sky high heels wishing someone, anyone would come to their senses and design a shoe that is somewhat comfortable. You ladies know that no matter how much the shoe costs, you still wind up with achy feet at the end of the night. At the next mall visit, I found these babies and tried them on. Whoa. They are SO comfortable! I was super impressed. One drawback....I didn't care for the designs that were available. So I left a little more than disappointed, until today. Cole Haan is now introducing a line of their Nike Air technology shoes for the bride and they look fab! You really should go check them out for yourself and they are so worth the price which is still more affordable than those Manolos. I'm kinda crazy about these....

Stay tuned....Inspiring photography that I found and am loving, some fun fashion finds, great new products and fab bridal trends coming soon. Oh and maybe a little of my latest work too!


Alice said...

ginger - these shoes are beautiful! are you going to get them?

Ginger Dupre said...


Maybe not this particular pair unless some great event that I can get away with wearing them to comes up! I am keeping an eye on their line for a regular everyday pair that I feel like I cant live without! Thanks for stopping by!

Memories by Micha said...

Oh I am loving the idea of a high heel shoe being comfortable! You must keep us posted on that! But how great are these for wedding shoes!

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